Stream Live

Stream Live connects people and live events. We work with everyone from corporate hospitality through to non-profit organisations of all sizes to broadcast their live event to a huge range of devices, in virtually any part of the globe.

We offer our clients a complete range of hardware and software tools to share their event with either a wider target audience or a niche pay per view community online. We create bespoke and highly creative solutions to best suit the needs of our clients and their customers whether monetization or free to view is required.

What we do? Corporate Events – Adding Stream Live to your corporate event dramatically adds value to the event by allowing remote viewers to follow what is going on and to even participate interactively. We can help you plan the event and increase the reach and impact of your product launch, investor relations event, yearend results or other corporate event. Live Events and Channels - e-Learning & Webinars Promotional Events

With Stream Live you can Watch or Broadcast Live Events to any device and we can even build a tailored app for your organisation.

Our clients include: