The Production Process

The production process refers to the stages (phases) required to complete a media project, from the idea to the final master copy, therefore your Film, Video or web video.

Pre Production

From scripting to series producing and management, let our dedicated team of in house producers work with you to turn that idea into a reality. Early planning at this stage can help keep costs down to a minimal and will enable us to deliver exactly the right product for your company.

Experience shows that continuous close contact between parties is crucial to success. Every item of content will go through an iterative development with up to 3 approval stages. This will give you control over content development, allowing greater changes of content and direction in the earlier stages.

To ensure we deliver on time and within the agreed budget, it is essential to establish clear project governance and an effective production methodology.

Devise Concepts

Create Storyboards and artwork


Production Management

Project Management



 The filming process

Our film crews are widely experienced and have filmed content for corporate conferences and events, major corporations to documentaries for terrestrial broadcasters. We offer a wide range of broadcast camera equipment and can select the right tools for your project based on budget, aims of the film and where it will be finally broadcast.

Cameras and Sound

All Crew



Project Management


Post Production

Philosophia Media have our own in house editing facilities. Animation? Effects? Graphics? No problem. Whatever you want, from voice over to DVD design and building we have it all covered. 

We start by putting together a rough assembly edit (offline edit) of the video. This is followed by an online edit which includes any animation/motion graphics if required. Depending on your requirements, a voice-over and subtitles are also applied at this stage.

Through the clever use of motion graphics and creative editing techniques we will guarantee a high quality, polished video that meets every one of your requirements.




DVD design and build

Voice over recording


Location Video Filming (On Site)

Sometimes a Film and Video project requires travelling to a location to set the scene or create authenticity. Philosophia Media has a wealth of experience when it comes to location shooting and our teams have travelled around the World to many locations such as USA, India, Sri Lanka, China and all of Europe to name a few.

More locally we travel UK wide to obtain the perfect footage for any particular project requirement. If you are unaware as to what is required in a Video project simply contact us to discuss how to organise your Film shoot or for further information.

Let’s be perfectly clear if you use us, you will receive a Professional service and you will get a Quality product. Film and Video Production is our forte and has been for many years.

We will deliver confidently what you want to see, dynamic, captivating, inspiring, informative and dramatic visuals for your project.

Whether it is live action driven or graphic based our team will enhance and deliver your Film and video production in the best possible way within agreed budgets and on time.


Studio Video Filming (In-House)

Depending on your project requirements a studio shoot may be the ideal setting to achieve desired ad effective results for your production.

Why a Studio Shoot?

A Studio Shoot is beneficial in many ways for example a video that only requires a Performer or Presenter speaking or interacting direct to the Camera would need a nice backdrop or possibly graphics and animation, therefore this must be filmed on a blue / green screen to achieve best / clean results.

In a Studio environment lighting is perfectly controlled which is essential during the Filming process, if your lighting is not correct you might as well not Film at all.

Studio Shoots can also be great fun and allow for more creativity with set design and generally the freedom on a video filming set environment can inspire a film crew and performers to achieve the perfect video and or scene.

Someof our clients include: