Who are Philosophia Media

Philosophia Media is a creative media and marketing production agency based in London.  As a production agency we take care of the entire creative process from start to finish producing creative content and advertising solutions for your business. From page to screen our dedicated focus is on every aspect of your film, from conception, scriptwriting and storyboarding, right through to filming, animation and post-production.

Founded in 2008 by experienced Film Director Ameet Solanki, Philosophia Media has flourished from film/video production through to various digital marketing solutions. Working across a wide variety of disciplines ensures that we are constantly innovating, and striving for new ways of doing things. Over the last five years we have produced hundreds of films for a diverse range of clients, including various industry sectors from television, entertainment, hospitality, finance, construction, pharmaceutical through to automotive.

What makes us unique within the film and video production sector, besides the excellent quality of our portfolio, is the breadth and superiority of our motion graphics, animation, digital signage and augmented reality (AR) content production. With combined experience spanning over 15 years our skilled creative teams regularly work on various projects from High Quality work for Television Programming, Music Videos, Online Web Videos, Hospitality and Corporate, Commercial and Live Event Videos through to New Media projects such as Digital Signage and Augmented Reality (AR). Since our offices are not located in the swanky expense of SoHo in Central London, we are able to keep our costs down thus extending this affordability to you our clients whilst still maintaining our reputation for high quality, technical excellence and efficiency, we deliver your project within budget and on time.

To enhance your visual projects we offer a full range of services, from Scripting, Location and Studio Filming, Video Editing, Music, Audio and Voice Over production, DVD Authoring and Duplication to Internet Friendly Web Video Solutions, including forward-thinking technology such as Augmented Reality (AR). All our visuals and interactive projects can be viewed on multi-platform systems, such as iPad, iPhone, Android phones, tablets and computers. For your peace of mind many of our services have added value such as, analytics and tracking the amount of views your visual project has achieved, this allows for better evaluation on your return on investment.

Why we do it? Primarily we're filmmakers and driven by great storytelling and truly amazing visuals. We believe without a doubt this medium is the most powerful to engage and evoke emotions, in turn this is what drives customers through your door to purchase what you are offering. Put simply, if you want a strikingly good visual, on time, on budget, and with a large helping of energy, enthusiasm and brilliance, we are the team for you.

So, if you’ve come to our site looking for an exceptional creative media and marketing production agency, that can produce truly inventive concepts, and work around the clock to deliver them in the most enthusiastic and imaginative way possible, then you’ve come to the right place. Why not get in touch with one of our team members today to see how we can assist you to create something fresh and keep your customers and your employees coming back for more.

Give us a call on 07852 291 557 or send us an email to info@pmedia.co.uk

Our clients include: